The Mystery of the Crop Circle Solved

Many ask themselves who is the creator of crop circles, but no one will state the simplest answer: it is God. Why? God is the light, while our world, the material world, is the world of darkness.
God applies His stamp in the form of crop circles. What does this mean?
Crop circles are fractals, and fractals are the simplest of figures. To simplify something in life requires skill; complex solutions require no great artistry. "Brevity is the soul of wit," said my mother, when my school essay had some complicated expressions.
A state of simplicity means one language and one religion. More than that inflates bureaucracy and creates conflict within the community.
The message is clear: returning to simple structures is the mammoth task we must address. Society has become bogged down in the struggle over personal advantage. Groups are formed to pursue interests. The majority opinion prevails: that is the spirit of our age. Those who are not in the majority are outsiders.
The spirit of our age denies the maker of crop circles, namely God. "Some people trampled around," according to the majority opinion, or the existence of a crop circle is completely ignored. Thus I first learned of the crop circle between Andechs and Frieding (south of Munich, Germany) from the internet, when it no longer existed.


crop circle between Frieding and Andechs

Here is a photo taken 19th October 2012 of the place where the crop circle between Andechs and Frieding had been in the summer of 2012. This photo was taken just before nightfall, around 7:45pm, from a pine tree from which some branches had been removed for a better view of the crop circle. The field had already been plowed, and the sprouts of the new seeding were already coming up. Yet the outline of the former crop circle was still clearly visible. (The row of trees with the branches removed no longer exists, as I recently discovered.)


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First published in the internet: 25th of April 2018.